Caring For Senior Citizens With Love And Compassion

As people get older, they require more medical care and attention from their caregivers. This is not surprising because old age comes with macular degeneration, a visible reduction in physical strength and a gradual decline in both physical and mental capacity. It follows that caring for older people needs committed caregivers as well as qualified personnel. In case you have an older relation and you are looking for caregivers, you need people with the qualities below.

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Commitment to Duty

Generally, taking care of older people is a lot of hard work. Most senior citizens are moody, impatient and unhappy with the niggling medical conditions that make life an inconvenience for them. It follows that getting people who will take care of them is not always easy. One of the most important requirements for this job is commitment to duty. This is because some of these duties may require having to clean up the patient and the environment using wipe easy tablecloths and other items. Find a candidate who is committed to making life better for senior citizens and you have found the right candidate. 

A Background in Health

You may not always need people with qualifications in health-related courses to care for your older relations. If the older relation in question does not have any underlying medical conditions, you may not need a healthcare practitioner. However, having a background in health is an added advantage because this will make things easier for both parties.

Discipline and Honesty

You cannot care for people without the twin qualities of discipline and honesty. First off, you need tons of self-discipline to show up for duty every day of the working week. While you are at work, you need to set certain standards and ensure that your patient follows these standards. For instance, you must have a routine for your patient and ensure that the routine is followed to the letter. Some of these things include mealtimes, taking drugs at the right time and even taking a siesta. The point here is that you need self-discipline to enforce these rules. In addition, you should be an upright and decent human being in order to take care of people.


This is probably the most important quality for a caregiver especially when the patient is a senior citizen. There are ugly stories out there about certain caregivers who exploit older people and carry out all forms of shocking abuse on these vulnerable people. Find a decent and compassionate candidate and you can be sure your older relation will not be manipulated or abused by the caregiver.